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Founded back in 1998, our organization has evolved through time, based on the needs of our clients. It is also the product of a combined 21 years of experience in the IT industry. Through its evolution, to more accurately represent our strengths, our organization’s identity has changed as well. Formerly known as the Cybernautics Network, W3gateway.com prides itself in offering a full suite of web presence services to meet all our clients present and future needs.

Our Network Operations Center
Centrally located in the southern United States, our Network Operations Center boasts a dedicated 100mbps connection to the Internet. In addition to our high speed connection, our facility provides redundant battery and generator power, a 100% Cisco switched network, climate controlled Data Center which maintains an optimally low temperature and humidity level and the ability to grow and expand as our client’s needs increase. Our server brands consist of industry leaders like, IBM, Dell and Sun. And our network infrastructure is nothing but Cisco equipment all the way to our Internet backbone.

Our Support Staff
W3gateway.com employs a support staff of dedicated professionals. Each support representative receives extensive technical and customer service training. All representatives have an extensive background in IT and are here to answer your questions as simple or complex as they may be. We provide 24x7x365 support by telephone at 713.940.0621, from our support site at http://support.w3gateway.com or by email at support@w3gateway.com
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